Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage – A Student Perspective

Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage Payments System or AMPS has been all the rage in the investing community promising to deliver a relatively low cost, easy to implement investor strategy that provides a solution to the problem of all the “sellers” who are stuck in their homes with no equity and can’t get out.

Since many people nationally are now interested in this Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage, they are definitely scouring the web, and calling anyone they can trying to find an honest to goodness perspective from one of Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage Students.

From my personal experience, let me say that there are few things that I can say about Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage teacher that would be of interest to anyone looking to get to the land of profitable deals like a was just about a year and a half ago.

Here is my opinion on this subject.

“I describe Phil’s teaching in one word: Thorough”

I’ve seen a lot of courses and read loads RE investing books in my day but none of them are even close to as thorough as Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage training is. Phil has a knack for explaining ideas in a way that is understandable, while also highlighting what is truly essential so you can get to deals as quickly as possible.

Also, in rating Phill Grove as an Assignment of Mortgage teacher, I have to say you have no doubt that this is a guy who got this knowledge “in the street” finding deals the old fashioned way, not being afraid to get dirty.

The longer I listened to the “other gurus”, I got the impression that most of these so called experts really hadn’t done that much investing themselves, and really made their money selling coaching.

I can tell you, when you talk with Phil, it seems like he has an answer to everything. I have grilled him at times with questions and he always has the answers. So it is not surprising his Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage Program is a creative solution to the huge losses of this economy that, with the Phill Grove Assignment of Mortgage system, turns it into a huge opportunity.

So if you looking for the right kind of training in a day and age when there is a ton of hype – from a student’s perspective, you can’t go wrong with Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage training program.


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2 Responses to Phil Grove Assignment of Mortgage – A Student Perspective

  1. Denton James says:

    I ordered your program on assignments of mortgages, but when I keyed in paypal, it sent me to the paypal page. It did not give me a chance to put in my name, address, etc. The paypal went through and I was charge $99. Please let me know if you got my info from paypal or if you need it to send the program.

    Denton James

  2. Denton James says:

    Paypal paid my $99 before I could enter my name, address, etc. for you to send me the program for mortgage assignments. please respond so I can get the program.

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